Business and Community College Partnerships: A Blueprint

Business and Community College Partnerships: A Blueprint

Corporate Voices for Working Families, 2012

Toolkit Purpose 

This document offers community colleges and businesses interested in partnering on a Career Pathways initiative an insider view to each others' structures, goals, and strengths. It frames the advantages of a business-community college partnership around the imperatives of each group, so the stakeholder initiating a relationship can make the business case for a partnership.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Intended Audience 
Business and community college leaders new to working with each other
Career Pathways Target Population 
Working learners without a postsecondary credential
Based On 
Corporate Voices for Working Families' field building experience.
Summary of Toolkit Approach 

This toolkit gives community colleges and businesses a quick insight into what the other has to offer in a workforce development partnership and how to nurture the relationship. It offers three models of partnership based on each group's expertise and comfort level:
- The Level 1 "New Relationship" offers chances for basic exploration of the career and education worlds;
- The Level 2 "Working Relationship" is characterized by creating specific opportunities for students and professors to delve into the industry; and
- The Level 3 "Strategic Relationship" is characterized by joint undertakings like accredited corporate training and curricula development.
The guide also includes short Best Practice Examples of current partnerships between community colleges and businesses that are producing results, with information on how the partnership was formalized and implemented.

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