Career Pathways Toolkit

Career Pathways Toolkit

Community College Bridges to Opportunity Initiative, 2007

Toolkit Purpose 

This toolkit was developed as part of the Ford Foundation's Community College Bridges to Opportunity Initiative. Bridges to Opportunity was a multi-year initiative that sought to reform State policy with the aim of improving education and employment outcomes for educationally and economically disadvantaged adults in six States using a Career Pathways model.

Ford Foundation
Intended Audience 
State and local leaders interested in catalyzing a Career Pathways initiative in their State
Career Pathways Target Population 
High school students and underprepared working adults
Based On 
This toolkit is based on the Career Pathways model as conceived of in the Bridges to Opportunity Initiative. The toolkit defines Career Pathways as an "integrated, articulated continuum of programs and services designed to prepare high school students and/or working adults for employment and advancement in targeted industry sectors, fields and occupations."
Summary of Toolkit Approach 

The toolkit is organized into three main sections, and also includes background information on the Career Pathways model as well as a resource index and glossary. The main sections of the toolkit cover:
- Planning, Building and Fine-Tuning Career Pathways;
- Strengthening Leadership and Support for the Career Pathways; and
- Spreading the Message.

Each of these sections is broken down into stages or action steps for State and local leaders to follow in implementing a Career Pathways initiative. For each action step the toolkit includes:
- The key question surrounding that stage, and how to address it;
- Links to relevant online toolkits, templates, and references; and
- A case study from a State or program that excels in each action step.

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