Community Collaboratives Toolbox

Community Collaboratives Toolbox

White House Council for Community Solutions, 0

Toolkit Purpose 

This guide was created to support local initiatives focused on pathways to employment for youth, but takes a global view on collaboration and partnerships that makes it applicable to other types of initiatives. Its goal is to bolster the capacity of emerging and existing collaboratives to create lasting, "needle-moving" change.

White House Council for Community Solutions
Intended Audience 
Local officials such as mayors, school superintendents and police chiefs, community-based organizations, intermediaries shaping and supporting collaboratives, and partner organizations participating in collaboratives
Career Pathways Target Population 
Community members
Based On 
Conversations with more than 50 experts and cross-sector leaders and an extensive review of approximately 100 collaborations, identifying communities that demonstrated "needle-moving" change on a community-wide metric.
Summary of Toolkit Approach 

The Community Collaboratives Toolbox is designed to help initiative stakeholders understand what makes a community collaboration successful and sustainable, and help them overcome key hurdles. It consists of four primary tools:
- Building or Improving a Community Collaborative - Guidance by Life Cycle Stage describes the five stages of a collaborative's life, including case studies, a checklist of key activities, and common roadblocks for each stage;
- Community Collaborative Assessment - A Diagnostic of Success Readiness helps evaluate a collaborative's readiness to implement its plan in the community;
- Community Collaboratives Learning Examples: Capacity, Structure, Data and Funding provides examples from successful collaboratives on these four critical success factors; and
- Community Collaboratives: The Next Generation of Community Participation describes how to generate meaningful community participation, which is fundamental to community collaborative success.
Each of these tools concludes with suggestions for further reading.

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