Competency Model Clearinghouse

Competency Model Clearinghouse

U.S. Department of Labor, 2012

Toolkit Purpose 

The goal of this clearinghouse is to inform the public workforce investment system about the value, development, and uses of competency models. A competency model is a collection of competencies that together define successful performance in a particular work setting, from Personal Effectiveness Competencies, such as "Initiative," to Occupation-Specific Requirements, such as "Process patient admission or discharge documents." Competency models are a tool for Career Pathways stakeholders to communicate clearly about the competencies required for specific jobs, job groups, organizations, occupations, or industries, and a framework for developing educational offerings.

U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration
Intended Audience 
Partners and stakeholders in the Workforce Investment System, including Workforce Investment Boards, One-Stop Career Centers, business and industry, economic developers, educators and training providers, and professional organizations
Career Pathways Target Population 
Workers: both entry-level and those looking to advance in their careers
Based On 
The Competency Model Clearinghouse was created as part of ETA's role as the Federal partner in the Workforce Investment System, as part of the Industry Competency Model Initiative.
Summary of Toolkit Approach 

The Competency Model Clearinghouse provides validated industry competency models as well as tools to build a custom model and career ladder/lattice for any industry.
- The Clearinghouse provides industry-specific models for 20 industries, including commercial construction, energy, electronic health records, hospitality/hotel and lodging, information technology, and long-term care, supports, and services.
- Visitors can also use the Clearinghouse's resource database and online tools to build customized competency models and career ladders/lattices that reflect regional workforce needs.
- There is also a database of user-submitted case summaries and stories that demonstrate the many ways competency models are being used by specific States, industry groups, and Career Pathways initiative stakeholders.
- The Clearinghouse offers tutorials and user guides on "Developing Competency Models and Career Ladders and Lattices" and "Applying Competency Models and Career Ladders and Lattices."

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