Joining Forces Resource Guide

Joining Forces Resource Guide

Jobs for the Future, 2014

Toolkit Purpose 

Student Success Centers organize a State’s community colleges around common action to accelerate their efforts to improve student persistence and completion. One of the goals of a Center is to bring synergy between education programs and student success initiatives, such as Career Pathways. The toolkit is designed to reduce the learning curve and accelerate the time by which new Student Success Centers launch their operations. 

The Kresge Foundation
Intended Audience 
States looking to open new Student Success Centers and the leadership staff of existing Centers
Career Pathways Target Population 
Community college students
Based On 
Experience from existing Student Success Centers
Summary of Toolkit Approach 

The toolkit provides in-depth information on Student Success Centers, including approximate costs to start and run a center, visions and steps for the future for these centers, recommendations for States considering opening Student Success Centers and also for existing and newly-founded centers. An extensive resource list is included in the toolkit with sample documents from five established centers that cover a range of topics, including overviews of the existing centers, communications, operations, faculty engagement, and policy and advocacy information. Sample documents include job descriptions, operating budgets, publications and press releases, evaluations, meeting agendas, and faculty engagement resources. 

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