Toolkit for Workforce Funder Collaboratives

Toolkit for Workforce Funder Collaboratives

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Toolkit Purpose 

This toolkit was developed to offer insight and suggestions on strengthening existing regional workforce funder collaboratives, as well as information on creating new collaboratives.  The toolkit has information on:

  • The overall purpose and power of regional workforce funder collaboratives;
  • The strength of sector initiatives and the role that the collaboratives play in strengthening these initiatives;
  • Practical tips on starting, sustaining, evaluating, and growing a funder collaborative; and,
  • Tips on how established collaboratives can change direction.
Insight Center for Community and Economic Development
Intended Audience 
Existing regional funder collaboratives, and funders and organizations interested in developing new regional workforce funder collaboratives
Career Pathways Target Population 
Low income and skill populations
Based On 
Experience from existing regional workforce funding collaboratives
Summary of Toolkit Approach 

The toolkit is organized under three main sections:

  • A recommended step-by-step guide to starting a regional workforce funding collaborative;
  • Procedures for running a collaborative, including information on recruitment of funders, involving industry partners, capacity building and learning, and fiscal management; and,
  • Evaluating the progress of a collaborative, with examples of industry and low-income participant outcome indicators that can be collected.

In addition, the toolkit includes a suggested two-step process that can be used by established collaboratives looking to change programmatic direction. 

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