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Jobs for the Future, 2012

Jobs for the Future developed this toolkit as a supplement to the U.S. Department of Labors Career Pathways Toolkit: Six Key Elements for Success. The document focuses on the different roles and activities that workforce system participants - Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), One-Stop Career Centers, and service providers - can assume. This toolkit includes strategies for these systems to partner with others in developing and implementing successful Career Pathways projects. ...

National Career Pathways Network and the Institute for a Competitive Workforce, 2012

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide industry employers with an introduction to Career Pathways and encourage them to participate in Career Pathways initiatives. The introduction of the toolkit highlights the need for Career Pathways initiatives, the main components of the model, and the adult Career Pathways model which is an adaptation for adults without basic academic and technical skills, or career-limited adults. Both models include roles for secondary,...

The National Network of Sector Partners,

This toolkit was developed to offer insight and suggestions on strengthening existing regional workforce funder collaboratives, as well as information on creating new collaboratives.  The toolkit has information on:

  • The overall purpose and power of regional workforce funder collaboratives;
  • The strength of sector initiatives and the role that the collaboratives play in strengthening these initiatives;
  • Practical tips on starting, sustaining, evaluating, and growing a funder collaborative; and,
  • Tips on how
  • ...
NOVA Research Company and Quotient Inc., 2015

The purpose of this toolkit is to educate employers and career/technical and adult education providers on the importance of building employer-educator partnerships. These partnerships can help educators target their programs to local employment needs, and they can help employers ensure there is a supply of skilled workers available to fill vacant positions.

National Fund for Workforce Solutions, 2010

The National Fund for Workforce Solutions believes that high-quality workforce partnerships are mutually beneficial strategies that both help low-wage workers succeed in today's competitive economy and at the same time improve the competitiveness of a group of employers in a particular industry sector. A high-quality partnership brings together employers, workers, and other key stakeholders from a selected industry sector into a regular and extended dialogue about that sector's particular characteristics,...